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Medical Centre


Swanson Medical Centre

MMID were set the challenge of giving the humble medical centre a makeover that would last the test of time (Nothing tooo Flashy….), given the fact that the current fitout had lasted 21 years. We wanted to ensure the Swanson community felt at home within the four walls of the Swanson Medical Centre. The furniture needed to be comfortable yet practical, Fun but durable.


We used Avant-garde by Irvines Flooring, Oak for the reception Desk, Tables and Stools. The New brandy Chair by Andreu World from UFL upholstered in a mix of coloured wool: In-style Chass and Blazer by Textilia. The Ottomans were Custom made by MMID upholstered in James Dunlop Beach towel, These were designed for the children’s play area and can double up as foot stools when needed.

We wanted to create a sense of friendliness, and not make the reception area to clinical. The center used to have bench seats so we replaced these with a Chester sofa from Finewood upholstered in Mac+ Sketch from Textilia. Keeping in mind that when your sick you want the comforts from home. The Blinds in the reception wethought added a bit of life to the rooms, Tree house by Textilia was also used in the doctors consult rooms and nurses bay.

The Doctors consult rooms were kept minimal except the examination beds, For Dr Wiki we used bright Magenta and Dr Mike we used Aqua blue principal plus Vinyl by In-style from Textilia.

The before: