Everyone can appreciate the value in a fabulously designed kitchen but what makes the difference between a kitchen that you think is nice and a kitchen that screams WOW!!!

DETAILS…… we believe it’s the details that make a difference. A well designed kitchen will have awesome storage, perfect working spaces, a well planned out pantry and easy access to every area of the kitchen regardless of how many people are try to squeeze in, but in order to get all of this and make it look amazing you have to plan the details.


A clever choice of handles…….. or none at all, a feature tap that is both functional and sculpture like, a cabinetry colour that melts the kitchen into the surrounding rooms and the clever choice of bench top that makes you want to party in the kitchen are all great starts but the final star is always the splash back. Even the most boring white kitchen with a white composite bench top can be brought to life with a special splashback.

Splash backs don’t have to be limited to coloured glass. On a whole most kitchens that are currently being manufactured are finished with a particle glass splash back… But this doesn’t mean it has to be boring. With the clever use of texture/wallpaper you can add a completely different take on the “ Glass Splash back”.

A past project that we completed in Ponsonby is a testament to this. MMiD took a standard white kitchen and added a Neisha Crosland wallpaper behind glass. This provided the practicality of the versatile white kitchen and added a massive WOW factor with the splash back. This splash back become a talking point of the kitchen and is admired by all that visit.