Sometimes stopping and going back over past works reminds you of great projects from times gone by.….

I believe that this project was a great success considering the challenges that were set for MMiD around renovating this home. Extremely budget conscience, the owners wanted to ensure that the house was renovated to a standard that meant both style and budget.
MMiD set about ensuring that this balance was kept throughout the entire project but focused mainly on the kitchen as the main design element of the renovation. Initially the kitchen plan had an inland and the cabinetry around the outer walls of the room which included the sink as there is an amazing view of the sky tower through the Eastern windows. With this fabulous city view in mind we put forward an idea to use the dining table in place of the island, this meant that the view was captured from this central table area regardless of how it was being used….. As a sitting chatting area or for formal dining. 

The use of texture was cleverly used with a mix of wood and lacquer and composite stone and glass were used for practicality, with the textures being mixed in the different areas. The existing dining table was used in the overall scheme with the top replaced from glass to wood to mix the kitchen cabinetry elements through to this area.

Due to the elimination of the central island MMiD had to ensure that we still had a good amount of storage in the overall plan.  The opposite wall in the dining room was used for more cabinetry and as a display area for the clients ceramic art. MMiD decided using the same core textural elements on this cabinetry was important but changed the use of where they were placed. Lacquer being used on the base cabinets instead of the top and wood on the top instead of the base.  This ensure there was cohesion with it all looking to mixy matchy.

The outcome…. Something that we are truly proud of considering the challanges that we faced…… We think its amazing what can be achieved with good design and fabulous clients.


Before MMiD was commisssioned for renovation